Studio [Y] Recruitment 2015

In the spring of 2015, I managed a team of five to deliver on a recruitment campaign for the Studio [Y] Fellowship. The campaign was hugely successful, increasing applicants to the program by 214% from the previous year. 

In this effort we: 

  • Facilitated 26 individual hour-long information sessions at colleges and universities in 16 different cities across Ontario 
  • Redesigned the Studio [Y] website to create a stronger user experience
  • Leveraged and optimized paid Facebook and Twitter advertising
  • Designed appealing postcards, signs and posters
  • Hosted a phone-a-thon with current and former Fellows and provided multiple avenues for engaging our community in the outreach efforts
  • Garnered media coverage on CBC, the Toronto Star and the Ottawa Business Journal
  • Created a compelling promotional documentary
  • Posted on job boards across the province
  • Shared the call for applications in our newsletter 
  • Published blog posts on the MaRS Discovery District website