About: Bronwyn Oatley

Providing a workshop at Middlebury College's June Forum on Social Enterprise Education

I'm passionate about supporting organizations to leverage social enterprise, social finance, and social innovation to create social change. 

Presently, I serve as an independent Social Enterprise Consultant, providing social enterprise business model development, grant writing, and research and facilitation. In this role, I work with social enterprises, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and consultancies. 

Formerly, I served as a Policy Advisor in the Social Enterprise Branch of the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth for the Province of Ontario. In this role, I supported the development of the Province's Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2021, and led the development of the Centre of Excellence in Social Enterprise and Social Finance. 

Previously, I served as Senior Associate at the MaRS Discovery District, where I worked with a team of six to launch Studio [Y], a leading innovation and leadership Fellowship for Ontario’s top young social innovators. Before working for Studio [Y], I served as Interim Managing Editor of SocialFinance.ca at the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing


As a consultant, sub-contractor, and staff member, Bronwyn has worked with the following organizations, among others.